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DTF Transfers by Size

DTF Transfers by Size

Print your design onto any product, material, and color with exceptional durability. Enjoy no minimum orders, lightning-fast shipping, and guaranteed satisfaction.
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Immerse yourself in printing perfection with our finest inks, film, and Kodak TPU powder, ensuring your garments shine with the brilliance of sunlit waters! No matter the fabric type, material, color, or stretchiness, expect the brightest whites and colors to grace your attire.

We've tested our transfers with the ferocity of a tempest, subjecting them to washer and dryer trials across a variety of garments. Fear not, for our ink remains steadfast, withstanding up to 60 wash tests without faltering.

Your satisfaction is our guiding star. If your order fails to make waves of joy, consider it a siren's call for a reprint – no questions asked!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're like your trusty anchor in the stormy seas of printing! If our transfers don't make waves of satisfaction crash over you, fear not – we'll dive back in and craft a fresh batch faster than you can say "shiver me timbers!" And the best part? No extra cost to you – consider it our splashy guarantee!

Pressing Instructions

Buckle up for the ultimate DTF transfer rodeo with these five funky steps to pro-level pressing:

  1. Skip the Pre-Ironing Hassle: No need to play the moisture-removal game. Feel free to skip the pre-pressing song and dance unless you're feeling fancy.
  2. Get Your Design Swagger On: Take your time lining up your transfer like a boss. No need for heat-resistant tape on the flat press, but consider slapping it on for hat transfers or ironing escapades – it's like a safety net for your design mojo. And for those who demand perfection, cue the DTF Alignment Ruler Set!
  3. Time to Press, Baby: Apply medium pressure and dial up the heat to 310°F / 155°C for a solid 15 seconds. You can't break the transfer with more heat, pressure, or time (within reason, of course). Just watch out for your garment – too much heat and it might feel the burn!
  4. Cool Your Jets and Peel with Caution: Let your transfer chill like a villain for at least 15-30 seconds. Need to speed things up? Cue the Fast Cool Peel Air Transfer Blower! If something's amiss, don't panic – just troubleshoot like a boss.
  5. Give It One Final Sizzle and Wash: Cover your design with parchment paper or a tee layer, and press again for 15 seconds to soften, toughen, and de-shine. Want that extra sparkle? Add a protective guard sheet for the final flourish. When it's time to wash, flip that shirt inside out, go cold on the wash, and keep it chill on the drying – your masterpiece deserves it!

Shipping & Returns

Dive into swift shipping waters with us! All orders set sail on the same or next business day, and if your treasure trove exceeds $75, enjoy smooth sailing with Free Shipping at your helm!

In need of a speedier voyage? Fear not, brave sailors! Our Rush Delivery and the legendary UPS Next Day Air Saver® options await you at the checkout, ready to propel you to your destination faster than a dolphin chasing a school of fish!

Plunge into the depths of our Shipping Policy for all the nautical know-how you could ever desire.

Now, onto the tale of Refunds & Reprints:

Should you encounter a rogue wave within 45 days of your order's arrival, signal the lifeguard! We'll swiftly navigate any quality or adherence issues, rescuing your order from the depths. However, beware the treacherous waters of low-quality files – they're like the lurking sea monsters of the digital realm! If you seek a refund or reprint for other reasons, you'll need the captain's blessing before setting sail.

    Art Upload Recommendations

    All file types are welcome aboard our ship! While vector files make the smoothest sail, raster art should come prepared with a resolution of at least 300 dpi to navigate the printing waters with ease.

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      Our top-tier DTF (Direct to Film) transfers make printing dreams a reality for everyone, from cozy cottages to grand galleons, hobbyists to seasoned brands. With our High Quality DTF transfers, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean depths – whether you're craving bright whites, bold solids, graceful gradients, or delicate lines, we've got you covered!