Pressing Instructions

Buckle up for the ultimate DTF transfer rodeo with these five funky steps to pro-level pressing:

  1. Skip the Pre-Ironing Hassle: No need to play the moisture-removal game. Feel free to skip the pre-pressing song and dance unless you're feeling fancy.
  2. Get Your Design Swagger On: Take your time lining up your transfer like a boss. No need for heat-resistant tape on the flat press, but consider slapping it on for hat transfers or ironing escapades – it's like a safety net for your design mojo. And for those who demand perfection, cue the DTF Alignment Ruler Set!
  3. Time to Press, Baby: Apply medium pressure and dial up the heat to 310°F / 155°C for a solid 15 seconds. You can't break the transfer with more heat, pressure, or time (within reason, of course). Just watch out for your garment – too much heat and it might feel the burn!
  4. Cool Your Jets and Peel with Caution: Let your transfer chill like a villain for at least 15-30 seconds. Need to speed things up? Cue the Fast Cool Peel Air Transfer Blower! If something's amiss, don't panic – just troubleshoot like a boss.
  5. Give It One Final Sizzle and Wash: Cover your design with parchment paper or a tee layer, and press again for 15 seconds to soften, toughen, and de-shine. Want that extra sparkle? Add a protective guard sheet for the final flourish. When it's time to wash, flip that shirt inside out, go cold on the wash, and keep it chill on the drying – your masterpiece deserves it!